A Guide of Legal Considerations for eCommerce Companies – Part I

By Drew Stevens - January 18, 2019 - Technology & IP

Starting and growing an eCommerce business can make for hectic times, and it can be easy to put off eCommerce legal matters to deal with other issues. Domain names. Server space. Content management. Inventory. Shipping. Marketing. Product testing. Quickly enough, talking to a good Columbus, Ohio eCommerce attorney can fall somewhere on your priority list between reviewing that new memo on TPS reports and cover sheets and Shop-Vac-ing your car out.

For those of you too busy to consult a Columbus eCommerce lawyer, we present our semi-exhaustive guide to some of the standard eCommerce legal issues you’ll come across. In this Part I, we’ll cover structuring considerations, which entity type might be best, trademarks, and trade secrets.

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In the coming weeks, we’ll cover:

-Protecting your eCommerce Business: Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, Marketing, COPPA Compliance, and Shipping and Return Policies – Part II up now

-Growing your eCommerce Company: Hiring Employees and Working with Social Media Influencers – Part III up now

-Demystifying eCommerce Logistics: Shopify, DropShipping, Payment Processing, and Support Services – Part IV up now

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