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Buying, selling, or leasing commercial property is a big decision. Make sure your assets are protected by hiring a real estate attorney for your commercial transactions. At Stevens Law Firm, we have years of experience helping Ohio companies in a variety of business matters. Contact us today to learn more about our services for your business.

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Protect Your Interests in Real Estate Transactions

There's a lot to know about commercial real estate transactions in Columbus, OH. Working with a lawyer when buying, leasing, or selling real estate is a great way to ensure you're making smart investments and informed business decisions. The commercial real estate attorneys at Sevens Law Firm are familiar with the ins and outs of real estate law in Ohio. We know what to consider when reviewing contracts, looking at properties, and working on behalf of you and your business interests.

When it's time to create or sign contracts, we can advise as to best terms and practices. We can also help solve issues with a property's title, negotiate with lenders, and assist with due diligence. We can assist you and your business in many aspects of real estate transactions.

Working with Columbus real estate lawyers ensures you have someone on your side who is knowledgeable, experienced, and can provide legal guidance and support. Attorneys are also objective. Unlike real estate agents who make a commission when you make a purchase, attorneys are not affected by whether or not you buy a specific property. Our law firm can provide an unbiased perspective and advice that is in your best interests.

Get Help with Tax Laws, Zoning Laws, and More

Enter into real estate agreements with confidence thanks to our team of knowledgeable Columbus real estate attorneys. We can assist you with a variety of real estate business matters in Ohio, such as those involving tax laws and zoning laws, contracts and agreements, and more.

New construction agreements

When buying land in Ohio for your commercial building, you will sign a contract from the builder. A lawyer can make sure your rights are protected before you sign a contract. We can also explain the local tax laws so you know what to expect.

Commercial lease agreements

Lease agreements include information like the lease start and end date, the price of rent, what the lease renewal process looks like, the different responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant, and more. If you’re planning to rent a space for your business, a commercial real estate attorney can review the lease to make sure there's nothing illegal being asked of you, make sure the terms make sense, and negotiate the terms of the lease. If you're leasing your property, an attorney can draft a lease for you. Attorneys can also provide representation during disputes between landlord and tenants.

Title and title insurance

When you’re buying a commercial property, an attorney can protect your assets by reviewing the title before closing on the property and negotiating the best deal for title insurance.

Real estate development law

Attorneys can help Ohio developers with a variety of tasks related to real estate development law, including helping developers understand land use laws, obtain permits to build, evaluate property sites, secure financing, and more.

Our Columbus private equity lawyers also advise general partners and managers on securities compliance, exemptions, and filings for private equity funds. This includes structuring funds to fall under the Section 203(m) exemption under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and assisting with Form ADV. For general partners that are considered investment advisers with assets under management exceeding $150 million, our finance lawyers also assist with and advise on Form PF.

Our finance law firm also works closely with general partners and managers to tailor fund governing documents to the fund’s goals. Key structuring considerations can include how much a fund is looking to raise and the number of investors the fund is willing to allow. Depending on such considerations, our finance lawyers advise on whether to structure the fund as a 3(c)(1) fund or a 3(c)(7) fund under the Investment Company Act of 1940. We advise on the requirements of both structures, in conjunction with pursuing exemption under Rule 506 of Regulations D.

Legal Assistance for Your Real Estate Contract

When it’s time to create or sign a real estate contract, make sure the terms are fair and your best interests are considered. The attorneys at Stevens Law Firm can help you draft lease agreements and other real estate documents as well as review contracts so you can sign them with confidence. We know what questions to ask, understand what should and should not be in a contract, and always work to protect the best interests of your Ohio business. We can also review the contract with you to ensure you understand each party’s obligations and answer any questions you might have before closing on a property. If there are legal issues regarding the contract, we can step in and represent you to help protect your assets.

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