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Cutting edge areas of technology and technology law, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning present new and exciting legal issues and an ever evolving regulatory framework. From healthcare and automotive to video games and Internet of Things (IoT) services and devices, AI and machine learning applications offer tremendous opportunities for technology development and advancement.

Columbus Artificial Intelligence Lawyer

Our Columbus artificial intelligence and machine learning attorneys advise on a range of AI issues including data security and privacy, intellectual property ownership, developer liability and negligence, machine learning development and integration, data collection and data aggregation, and artificial intelligence liability.

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AI Software Contracts

Artificial intelligence and machine learning services contracts can be as straightforward or as complex as the parties prefer. Regardless of the depth of the contract, our artificial intelligence lawyer advises clients on the critical aspects of a sound AI services contract. This includes logistics such as restrictions on use of the AI platform, data storage and location, acceptable use policies, modifications to the platform and services, data processing, and data analysis.

Intellectual property ownership and licensing can also be a key part of an AI master services agreement. Our Columbus AI lawyer counsel both service providers and customers on ownership of background technology and proprietary materials and exclusive and non-exclusive licenses. In cases where customer data can be especially valuable, we assist with the negotiation and structure of data-related licenses and data anonymization analysis.


AI and machine learning contracts can involve extremely valuable and expensive services and information. Our Columbus machine learning lawyer works with both AI providers and customers to advise on risk mitigation and limitations of liability. In the event of breach of contract or an actual data breach, a party can find itself exposed to liability ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

We advise on warranty disclaimers and a variety of limitations of liability. This includes dealing with warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non infringement. Our Columbus machine learning attorneys also help structure maximum ceilings on monetary liability and help limited special, punitive, and consequential damages.



We advise market-leading businesses on all aspects of intellectual property. This includes patent and trademark application, intellectual property (trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation), technology transactions, and intellectual property licensing.


Our Columbus based Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning law firm has assisted technology clients in closing multimillion-dollar venture capital funding and mergers and acquisitions. Our significant experience in working with disruptive and innovative tech and software startups gives our firm a unique and valuable perspective in counseling AI and machine learning clients when it comes to fundraising, securities laws, and buying or selling businesses. From private placements to financing, we are uniquely equipped to partner with your business and guide you through venture capital and M&A transactions.


Very much a constant work in progress, artificial intelligence laws and regulations are an ever-evolving patchwork of international, federal, and state requirements. We help our clients navigate this complex framework in providing compliance advice and recommendations for a variety of international, federal, and state departments, groups, and agencies. This includes counseling on data privacy and data breaches, consumer protection, employment law and employment benefits, and government permits and licensing.

Further, our Columbus AI lawyers advise on a range of components and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning including:

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Machine Perception
  • Voice and Speech Recognition
  • Autonomous Vehicles (AV)
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Supervised Learning
  • Smart City Development
  • Medical Diagnostics and Procedures
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Scrapping
  • Robo-advisers
  • Smart Contracts
  • Commercializing Intellectual Property
  • Machine Learning Law Ohio

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