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Do All Mergers and Acquisitions Require Shareholder Approval?

By Drew Stevens

One of the key aspects of mergers and acquisitions is determining the governance structure and necessary approval mechanisms associated with the possible director and shareholder approvals in buying or selling a business. A frequent M&A question that often arises is whether all mergers and acquisitions require shareholder approval, when a shareholder vote most often occurs, […]

M&A Letter of Intent (LOI) Basics: Purchase Price

By Drew Stevens

After months of market research and review, you’ve found a business you want to buy. If you’ve been reading up on mergers and acquisitions, you may feel the need to rush straight to an asset purchase agreement or a stock purchase agreement, without first talking to a Columbus mergers and acquisitions law firm. While there’s […]

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence: Financial and Operations Review

By Drew Stevens

Perhaps you’ve just started the due diligence process, and you’re wondering what you should be looking for in sizing up your target. Here, we’ll examine a few key areas – financials, operations, products, customers, and sales and marketing. Financial Review Your M&A process and gauging whether to buy your target business will likely center around […]

Four Key Asset Purchase Agreement Checklist

By Drew Stevens

You may be contemplating buying a business, shopping for a complementary subsidiary, or just weighting the pros and cons of a potential M&A deal. One of the core agreements for executing a M&A deal is the asset purchase agreement.

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