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The Basics of a Mechanics’ Lien in Ohio

By Andrew Randol

The mechanics’ lien is the single most effective tool to ensure contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers are paid for the labor and materials they contribute to a project. If filed correctly, a contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier will have a lien on the property to which they contributed equal to the amount of money they […]

Ohio’s Prompt Payment Act: An Overlooked Solution for Unpaid Subcontractors and Material Suppliers

By Andrew Randol

When subcontractors or material suppliers go unpaid, a mechanics’ lien is often looked at as their sole remedy. Typically, a mechanics’ lien should be filed in order to preserve any lien rights; however, this is not the only statutory remedy available to subcontractors and material suppliers. If a subcontractor or material supplier has requested payment […]

ATTENTION ALL CONTRACTORS! All Residential Contracts Must Be Compliant with Ohio Consumer Law.

By Andrew Randol

If you are a contractor that performs any work on residential properties, then beware of an obscure law known as the Consumer Sales Practices Act, and its close relative, the Home Solicitation Sales Act (the “Acts”).

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