Whether you’re buying a business with an asset purchase agreement or a membership interest purchase agreement, we will help guide you through every step of making an offer, due diligence, and closing.


If you are thinking of selling your business, we can assist with the letter of intent or term sheet, the stock sale agreement, the allocation of purchase price and tax implications, and responding to due diligence requests.


Regardless of whether you are the acquiring party or the seller, we can help you navigate corporate actions and approvals, purchase price and capital structure, intellectual property transfers, and ultimately drafting and negotiating your agreement and plan of merger.


Buying or selling a business can involve an intricate web of laws. Merger and acquisition transactions can span nearly the entire spectrum of the legal field, including contracts law, state corporate and LLC statutes, employment law, successor liability, environmental regulations, state and federal tax laws, real property issues associated with property transfers or commercial leases, secured transactions under the uniform commercial code, and even marital and family law. Having the right business acquisition lawyer can make the most complex M&A deals smoother for all parties involved.

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Our mergers and acquisitions law firm has helped many clients navigate the intricate M&A web, from pre-deal negotiations through post-closing obligations. Our M&A attorneys have closed millions of dollars’ worth of transactions. We have drafted numerous comprehensive and complex agreements for the purchase or sale of a business, including asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, and merger agreements. Many times, these deals have involved the transfer of real property or licensing, requiring specialized attention, including software licenses, automobiles, and liquor licenses.

Our M&A attorneys are skilled in structuring acquisitions to help protect clients from potential post-closing liabilities, advising on transaction structuring, and tax impact minimization. From start to finish, our M&A lawyers will guide you through the process, striving to protect your interests along the way.

M&A Attorney Ohio

As a top mergers and acquisitions law firm in Columbus, Ohio we pride ourselves on our extraordinarily high level of consistent service, coordination, and communication before, during, and after the M&A process. We strive to set a better example for the M&A legal community, as certain M&A practices often incur (justifiably) heavy amounts of criticism. Common industry complaints include senior partners pawning off excessive amounts of work to under qualified junior associates and staffers, unnecessarily running up client bills, unscrupulous brokers pushing to close to earn their commissions, and attorneys who are supposed to be lead counsel on a transaction but are disorganized and can’t seem to remember basic names and terms associated with a deal.

At Stevens Law Firm, our mergers and acquisitions attorneys believe that these subpar practices have no room in the M&A field. Our attorney on your M&A transaction will work with you every step of the way throughout your deal. Your lead attorney will not only manage the transaction but strive to ensure that the M&A process is cost effective and efficient. We don’t have an M&A practice so we can bill for the sake of hitting monthly billing quotas. We practice M&A because we genuinely enjoy the dynamic, competitive, and exciting nature of buying and selling businesses, and we combine a pragmatic and common-sense approach with deep multimillion-dollar M&A experience. Finally, we make it a point to work with reputable brokers who, like our attorneys, prioritize the client’s interests over their own financial incentives.

  • Reverse triangular mergers
  • Forward triangular mergers
  • Earnouts

We can help!

No matter how large or small, a merger or acquisition is a big deal. Do not go it alone. Contact our business law firm so we can discuss how we can assist you. Our M&A lawyers assist clients with a variety of aspects of purchasing, selling, or merging your business, including:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Merger agreements
  • Stock sale agreements
  • Letters of intent (LOIs)
  • Memorandums of understanding (MOUs)
  • Allocation of purchase price
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and confidentiality agreements
  • Material adverse effect (MAE) provisions
  • Indemnification
  • Seller representations and warranties
  • Buyer financing
  • Breakup fees and termination rights
  • Buyer representations and warranties
  • Purchase price structuring and holdbacks
  • Target net working capital and working capital adjustments
  • Inventory control
  • Post closing purchase price adjustments
  • Due diligence
  • Closing conditions

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