If your company is built around intellectual property, you want a Columbus, Ohio intellectual property attorney who offers expertise in a variety of intellectual property matters. Our Columbus intellectual property lawyers combine years of IP law experience with a genuine passion for working with cutting-edge and innovative businesses and individuals.

Our lawyers at our Columbus, Ohio intellectual property law firm counsel companies and entrepreneurs on all aspects of intellectual property. This includes comprehensive advising on trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technology, licensing, joint development agreements, and technology transactions.

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Columbus Trademark Attorneys

Our firm’s trademark practice assists businesses with trademark application and strategy, protecting branding initiatives and campaigns, and trademark infringement issues. In working with clients at local, regional, national, and international levels, our Columbus trademark attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable mangers of trademark portfolios of any size.

Our Columbus, Ohio intellectual property lawyers advise on application filing, trademark assignments and licensing, guidance on which international classes to file in, clearance searches, trademark renewal and maintenance, infringement monitoring and enforcement, and responding to U.S. Patent and Trademark office actions. From holograms, hashtags, domain names, odors, and moving images, to the more traditional applications for names, slogans, and logos, our Columbus trademark lawyers advise on a range of trademark applications and issues.

Columbus Copyright Lawyers

Whether the subject is software, photographs, art, sound recordings, prints, graphic designs, or architectural plans, our Columbus, Ohio copyright attorney guides companies of all sizes on copyright applications and ownership. Our Columbus copyright lawyer advises on a host of copyright issues, including copyright licensing, copyright enforcement, copyright infringement, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our experience also includes addressing issues such as derivative works, public display rights, fair use exceptions, and the use of special deposit rules to protect source code in filing for software and computer program copyrights.

Columbus Trade Secrets Attorneys

Our Columbus, Ohio intellectual property law attorney also offers expertise on protecting trade secrets and responding to trade secrets claims. In assisting businesses in formulating trade secrets policies, the firm advises on key components of trade secrets law including the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, the Economic Espionage Act, the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016, and state laws including the Ohio Uniform Trade Secrets Act and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1333. Our intellectual property lawyer in Columbus, Ohio also counsels on employee raiding, unfair competition, non-disclosure agreements, executive contracts, and trade secret misappropriation. If you think you need assistance with intellectual property and copyright laws in Ohio, do not hesitate to contact a Columbus, Ohio IP lawyer at our firm.

Columbus Intellectual Property Licensing Lawyer

The license of intellectual property or technology can often involve a number of nuances of transactional law and intellectual property law. If you are looking to license your IP or tech, you want a Columbus intellectual property lawyer who can guide you through multiple IP licensing issues and scenarios. Our Columbus, Ohio intellectual property lawyers walk our clients through every stage of an intellectual property license agreement. This can include structuring royalties, royalty percentages, and royalty terms; addressing intellectual property usage and audit rights; providing for termination and revocation of the license; stipulating quality control standards; and planning for infringement and contract breach scenarios.

Intellectual Property Infringement

The infringement of intellectual property is a very serious issue, and when such an issue arises, it can be imperative to retain an intellectual property law attorney in Columbus, Ohio with infringement experience. No matter if you are a part of a services agreement where a party has committed a breach, you have been accused of infringing intellectual property rights of others, or you believe another party is infringing upon your intellectual property rights, our IP attorneys can advise you as to your options and rights. We pursue and defend intellectual property infringement in a variety of forums including state and federal court, arbitration, and mediation. Contact a Columbus intellectual property law attorney at our firm today.

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