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Rule 506(b) vs Rule 506(c), Ohio Startups, and Securities Laws

By Drew Stevens

If you’ve never consulted with a Columbus, Ohio securities attorney before, raising funding for your Ohio startup can be confusing and complex. Generally, unless your business falls under an exemption, you must register your investment offering at two levels – with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the federal level and the applicable securities departments […]

Ohio Startups, Securities, and Rule 504

By Drew Stevens

In certain circumstances, your startup may consider raising funds under Rule 504 of Regulation D. Here, our Columbus securities attorney provides an overview of Rule 504, its requirements, and notable limitations. Rule 504 Criteria Under Rule 504, you can raise up to $5,000,000 within a 12-month period. This exemption does not place a limitation on […]

Phantom Stock Plans Pros and Cons

By Drew Stevens

Your business is growing, and you’re at the point where you want to talk to a business lawyer and consider some sort of employee equity inventive plan. However, no matter if you’re a corporation or an LLC, you may be concerned with some of the legal implications of starting to give out units or shares […]

The Rule 147 Intrastate Exemption – Securities Exemptions for Startups and Business

By Drew Stevens

If you’re an Ohio startup or growing business, finding the proper securities exemption for your fundraise can be time consuming. If you’ve never talked to a Columbus securities lawyer before, choosing the right exemption can be confusing. While there are a number of securities exemptions out there, certain exemptions come with a number of restrictions, […]

Stocks Options and Nonqualified Stock Options vs Incentive Stock Options

By Drew Stevens

Considered by some to be the classic employee equity incentive plan, stock options can be advantageous for both a company and an employee. A good business lawyer can help structure stock options to incentivize valuable employees to hit certain performance metrics and stick around with the company for a certain amount of time. Here, our […]

An Overview of Stock Appreciation Rights

By Drew Stevens

Stock appreciation rights (SARs) can be a great option for startups and businesses that want to reward and retain key employees. Although stock appreciation rights can be confusing, a good business law attorney in Columbus, Ohio with securities expertise can make rolling out a SARs plan much easier.

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