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Business Entity Basics Part III: The S Corp Wrinkle: The S Corp Can Save Owners Big in Self-Employment Taxes

By Andrew Randol

In Part II of Business Entity Basics, our Columbus business lawyer explained that taxes are usually the primary factor when choosing between an LLC and a corporation. Business Entity Basics Part III discusses a third option that is often used in many small and medium sized businesses, the S Corp. Why would you choose an […]

How to Form an Ohio Limited Liability Company – Part II

By Drew Stevens

In our last post, we began to cover forming an LLC in Ohio. In this post, we’ll cover the third major component of forming your startup or company, writing your operating agreement. What is an Ohio Operating Agreement? An operating agreement is a legal contract between the members of the company and the company. For […]

How to Form an Ohio Limited Liability Company – Part I

By Drew Stevens

As Columbus business formation attorneys, one of the more asked questions we get is how to file an Ohio LLC. Given the relative informality, flexibility, and low filings costs (compared to certain other states), forming an Ohio LLC can be a great choice for startups and companies in a variety of sectors, including software, technology, […]

How to File a Delaware Limited Liability Company

By Drew Stevens

Even though I’m a Columbus, Ohio business law lawyer, I get a number of questions revolving around filing and forming LLCs in difference states, especially for Ohio LLCs and Delaware LLCs. Sometimes, it may be advantageous for a company or startup to file in Delaware as opposed to the startup’s home state of operations. This […]

Maintaining Your Corporate Minute Book and Corporate Requirements

By Drew Stevens

Even if you’ve never dealt with a business attorney in Columbus, Ohio, chances are that if your startup or business is a corporation, you’ve heard of the term “corporate formalities.” One of the core components of corporate formalities is maintaining the corporate minute book. Many assume a corporate minute book is only required for Fortune […]

Business Entity Basics Part II: Corporation vs. LLC – Taxes Matter

By Andrew Randol

In Part I of Business Entity Basics, our Columbus business law lawyer explained what a business entity is and why you need one. In case you missed Part I, it is almost always best to choose a limited liability entity, such as a corporation or LLC, over a non-limited liability entity, such as a partnership. […]

Business Entity Basics Part I: What is a Business Entity and Why do I Need One?

By Andrew Randol

What is a Business Entity? At its core, a business entity is a fictitious person invented by the law in order to allow people to conduct business. Like a natural person, a business entity can own property and assets, purchase and sell things, enter into contracts, break laws, pay taxes, and sue and be sued […]

The Importance of an Operating Agreement

By Andrew Randol

Like a couple engaged to be married, when two or more people decide to start a business together, they are usually bristling with excitement and enthusiasm. Leave it to us attorneys to rain on your parade. Like some marriages, business partnerships can fail. Even if a business is doing well, personalities clash and relationships become […]

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