How a Business Litigation Attorney Can Help Your Firm in Ohio

By Andrew Randol - May 3, 2019 - Corporate & Business

Many businesses don’t consider establishing a relationship with a business litigation law firm until they’ve either been sued or need to file suit. However, most businesses benefit from having a knowledgeable business litigation attorney on retainer to guide them through legal disputes and attempt to quell any issues before the need for litigation becomes necessary. Such advice and guidance can save a business thousands in the long run.

Business litigation often begins with small disputes in which companies bicker over contractual issues for several months. Finally, they throw in the towel and only then hire an attorney to file or defend a lawsuit. Once a lawsuit is filed, legal expenses quickly mount, especially early in the lawsuit. Conducting discovery alone can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the dispute and the number of documents that need to be reviewed.

However, when a good business litigation law firm becomes involved early in this process, its attorneys can objectively evaluate your company’s position and advise on the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s position in the dispute. While a client may not want to hear it, a good business litigation attorney will bluntly tell a client if their position is untenable and advise that it change course. On the other hand, if a client’s legal position is strong, a skilled attorney can articulate this to the opposing party and get them to back down.

Experienced business litigation attorneys are also skilled at fashioning alternative resolutions to the dispute, rather than focusing on each party’s obligations under a current agreement. Sometimes, this alternative remedy can be as simple as a mutual settlement agreement in which both parties agree not to sue each other, usually with some payment or other action in exchange.

In other matters, when a dispute can’t be immediately resolved, a skilled business litigation law firm will help a client position itself in preparation of litigation. It is much easier for a business litigation attorney to prepare a comprehensive lawsuit if it has been involved in the dispute early on and is aware of the facts and evidence that exist and is aware of the opposing side’s position. In some cases, it can be exceedingly difficult for an attorney to play catch up if he or she is brought in to file or defend a suit that is the result of a months-long dispute in which both sides took numerous actions or inaction.

Ultimately, almost every business will have legal disputes at some point. While many companies attempt to resolve these disputes on their own, a business litigation law firm can objectively evaluate your legal position to determine the strength or weakness of your position from a legal aspect. A business litigation attorney can then negotiate and attempt to settle the dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved pre-litigation, the attorney will be in a much better position to pursue or defend your case if he or she is intimately familiar with the dispute and the underlying facts.

Our Columbus business attorney is dedicated to building relationships with businesses of all sizes. Contact our business litigation law firm today to understand how our attorneys can help your firm in Ohio.

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