Small businesses are in a class of their own. If you own a small business, your day-to-day issues and even your legal issues can be vastly different than larger corporations. You probably don’t need (or want) a mega firm lawyer who charges $500/hour. If you’re looking for a small business attorney in Columbus, Ohio, you probably want someone who has experience dealing with small business contracts and other small business legal issues. You probably also want that same attorney to bring a pragmatic, cost-effective perspective to your legal issues. Given the reputations* of overpriced lawyers, you’d think such a quality Columbus small business lawyer is hard to find.

Our attorneys understand the issues associated with forming, operating, and growing small businesses because we have years of experience in representing small businesses. We assist small businesses on matters both small and large, including:

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Forming a small business

Oftentimes, all a small business needs is a basic limited liability company to get started. If you work with a Columbus, Ohio small business lawyer at our firm, our lawyers can put together everything you need to form an LLC, including your articles of organization, employer identification number (EIN), and your operating agreement, without breaking the bank. If your small business may think that incorporating may be the preferred route, our lawyers can also advise as to the differences between corporations and LLCs and the particular advantages and disadvantages that apply specifically to your business.

Small business contracts

Small businesses need contracts. Sometimes, small businesses need a variety of contracts. Generally though, small businesses don’t need 100-page contracts. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting and negotiating a wide array of small business contracts, including  services agreements, purchase agreements, limitations of liability and waivers, subcontractor agreements, employment contracts, consumer contracts, and non-disclosure agreements. We pride ourselves on our prompt and responsive contract review services. For businesses that need contract templates prepared for future use, our small business lawyers can prepare efficient and concise contracts in plain English.

Small business employment issues

Compliance with federal and state employment laws is vital for any small business. Being proactive and taking steps to ensure compliance can save thousands of dollars by avoiding worker misclassification issues, wage and hour violations, and warding off claims of discrimination. Our firm can also assist with drafting employment agreements and independent contractor agreements. We also offer advisory services for nearly every major component of small business labor and employment law, including wage and hour laws, Title VII compliance, vacation and sick leave policies, employee handbooks, hiring, and termination.


Small business construction lawyers

Running a small construction business can be a very-capital intensive business where cash flow is crucial. Starting a new job costs money. Materials cost money. Subcontractors and staff cost money. Our small business construction lawyers understand that dealing with legal issues such a filing mechanic’s lien or negotiating a construction agreement can take away from valuable time in being in the field and on job sites. Our small business lawyers represent various development and construction companies. We provide experienced construction law advisory services and contracts, so that construction companies do not have to burn unnecessary amounts of time on legal matters and can focus on building and development.

*What’s the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo?

The lawyer charges more.

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