If you run an online or internet-based business, you know the internet isn’t all viral memes and lol-inducing gifs. In fact, running an online business can often involve a range of federal and state laws and regulations.

Our Columbus based internet law firm provides guidance for clients who regularly deal with technology. Contact our Columbus internet lawyer today.

Our firm’s Columbus internet attorney works with a number of online businesses, including eCommerce, Internet of Things (IoT), digital marketing, social media, and telecommunications companies. We advise internet-based companies on all things related to the internet, including contractual and compliance matters.

Website Development Contracts

Our Columbus internet lawyers routinely work with both developers and customers when it comes to website development agreements. Some of the key points we help both sides negotiate can include scope of work, milestones, maintenance, payment structure, ongoing hosting, indemnification, limitations of liability, acceptance testing, and confidential information.

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Internet Agreements

Whether you run a services or products-based website, having key agreements that are specifically tailored to your business can greatly help minimize your exposure to liability, should issues ever arise. At all costs, resist the urge to copy and paste documents from another party’s site. Your terms and conditions and privacy policy should be tailored to the region(s) you operate in, the ways in which your customers interact with your site, and how you use the data generated from the use of your site.

Whether you need an end user license agreement (EULA), an acceptance use policy (AUP), terms of services, terms and conditions, or a privacy policy, our Columbus, Ohio internet law attorney has drafted and negotiated hundreds of technology-related contracts.

E-Mail Marketing and SPAM Compliance

Your customer base may mean that you do business in a particular region or even all over the world. Confusingly, the compliance requirements for sound email marketing can differ depending on where your customers are. We advise internet companies on many aspects of online marketing and email communication, including opt-in and opt-out requirements in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

Domain Names and Intellectual Property Issues

Registering your domain name and protecting your domain name can, at times, be two separate endeavors. These days, there are a number of hosting and registration companies that can get your domain registered in minutes.

However, just because you own a domain name does not necessarily mean that you also own the trademark rights to said domain name. Some countries, including the U.S., allow you to file for a trademark for the domain itself (ex: amazon.com).

When choosing your domain, be sure to do a basic trademark search for your proposed domain. The danger here is that your domain may infringe upon the trademark rights of another business or individual if your domain is the same as or substantially similar to a registered trademark. We work with clients who have intellectual property infringement and cyber squatting issues.


Internet Privacy and Data Laws

One of the most difficult areas of internet law to navigate can be the complex framework of federal and state data and privacy laws. Contrary to the belief of some, no matter where your business is located, multiple sets of laws and guidelines may apply to you, including the laws of other states. We routinely advise internet startups and companies on the full range of cybersecurity laws, including FTC compliance, state data breach notification requirements, state data security laws, and industry-specific requirements.

Regarding industry-specific requirements, we advise on the Red Flags Rule, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Safeguards Rule, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requirements, and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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