One of the fundamental cornerstones of running any business, including small businesses, mid-market companies, and mature corporations, is having well-written and well-negotiated contracts which provide a range of benefits including creating clarity on the scope of services, defining the responsibilities of the parties, and alleviating unknowns and anxiety regarding payment terms. Our Columbus business contract lawyers have written and negotiated hundreds of contracts for businesses of all sizes. We help companies prepare template contracts, review business contracts from other parties, and negotiate proposed and existing contracts.

Master services agreements

If you’re looking for a business contract attorney in Columbus, Ohio with experience with service contracts, you’ve come to the right place. Our contract attorneys advise businesses on the full spectrum of business contract issues, including limitations of liability, statements of work, change in control issues, data backup, audit requirements, service levels, taxes, invoicing and payment terms, risk of loss, indemnification, arbitration and dispute resolution, and termination rights. Although you may be tempted to try and pull a DIY by copying and pasting something from the internet, this approach can end up costing thousands of dollars in the future. Our business attorneys can work with you to develop cost-effective and efficient contracts that are tailored for your business and address your particular industry and sector issues.

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Software as a service agreements and software development contracts

Our firm’s software and technology attorneys work to draft clear SaaS contracts and software development agreements. We work with businesses to identify unique software contract issues such as intellectual property ownership and infringement scenarios, milestones and acceptance testing, access credentials, scheduled downtime and system maintenance, system control requirements, customer restrictions, security obligations, confidentiality, and warranties and disclaimers of warranties. SaaS and software-related contracts can often present unique issues that require attorneys who have a firm grasp of intellectual property and technology. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to do your plumbing, we hope. So, don’t engage a general practice attorney to write your software contracts—choose one of our attorneys that have proven IP and tech experience.

Mergers and acquisitions contracts

Whether you want to negotiate an asset purchase agreement, a stock sale agreement, or a merger contract, M&A law can present a host of unique contract issues. These include transition issues and post-closing obligations, excluded assets, allocation of purchase price, working capital amounts, buyer and seller remedies, and transfer of intellectual property. Our business contract attorneys can help reduce risk in a M&A deal and provide for a smoother transaction.

Small business contracts

Our Columbus small business contract lawyers work with local and regional companies to draft, negotiate, and review business agreements. We represent closely held companies and family-owned businesses and assist with simple and complex agreements, including delivery and distribution contracts, employment contracts, customer contracts, property leases, and purchase contracts.


Real estate contracts

Our business contract lawyers in Columbus, Ohio work with real estate development companies and construction companies to draft and negotiate a wide range of real estate contracts. Our experience includes reviewing and negotiating commercial leases, advising landlords on structuring residential leases, drafting real estate purchase agreements for residential, commercial, and industrial property, and preparing development agreements and property management contracts. We advise on a number of real estate contract issues including, term and termination, landlord obligations, tenant obligations, rent and common area maintenance charges, operating expenses, repairs and maintenance, and HVAC and utilities.

Construction contracts

Our firm has negotiated numerous construction and engineering contracts. We advise on a number of construction law issues including contractor responsibilities, subcontractor work and supervision, mechanics’ liens, consumer sales laws, design and engineering requirements, safety management, utility use, quality assurance plans, periodic reporting compliance, permits and government approval, workmanship, work schedule, change orders, mechanical work, performance testing, and warranties of all varieties including services warranties, equipment warranties, and title warranties.

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No matter what kind of business contract you need help with, our business contract attorneys can assist your company to write and negotiate agreements. Contact our business attorneys today.

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